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Due to the versatility of KRAH MISR pipes, with all its different kinds of profiles, they are applicable in all kind of fields of application:

Sewer systems
Sewer systems made of profiled KRAH MISR pipes offers a modern sewer pipe program with manholes, fittings, and safe pipe joint systems

Outfall pipelines
Water outlets are used for the discharge of liquid and gaseous substances at the base of rivers and the sea. For the construction and operation of such pipelines KRAH MISR pipes offer considerable advantages, such as the elasticity of the pipeline and therefore optimum adaptation to the area, low weight, secure and strong jointing technology, seawater resistance and pipe stiffness exactly adapted to the respective requirements because the appropriate profiles are selected for every individual project.

Tanks and containers
Profiled or solid wall pipes made of polyethylene or polypropylene are well suited for the manufacture of horizontal and vertical tanks. For other special constructions like chimneys, and wash towers KRAH MISR pipes offer all advantages regarding variety, precision, quality, and expandability.

The re-construction of damaged sewer pipes by means of relining, “pipe in pipe method”, becomes more and more important. KRAH MISR pipes are very suitable for the relining process.

Special applications
In addition to the common areas of application Krah pipes are also suitable for special projects like tunnels as ventilating pipes. KRAH MISR pipe are corrosionresistant which is especially important for the chemical and biological industry.

Sea outfall pipe line DN / ID 1800 mm / Spain

Relining of a concrete pipe

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