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Manhole Inquiry
Gravity Pipe Inquiry
As our valued customer, you can submit your project data and we will assist you in studying your project and give you the best solution for pipes and manholes

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Inquiries l Manhole Inquiry

1. General Information
Company Name: *
Contact Person: *
Tel: *
Project Name:

2. Bedding / Soil
Diameter: (DN) mm
Installation depth: (h): mm
Length of shaft pipe: (h2): mm
Height of groundwater: (hw): mm
Working area: mm
Density of bedding material: kN/m³
Slope angle : °

Existing Soil
soil group: G1 G2
proctor density : %
known E-modulus: N/mm²
soil group: G1 G2
G3 G4
proctor density : %
known E-modulus: N/mm²

3. Shaft Lid
Lid construction type
without lid lean on lid
with HD/PE flat roof
standard concrete cone
separately supported lid
direct indication of loading

Details on traffic load
Traffic load on lid
Traffic load beside shaft lid
no traffic load
SLW 30
SLW 60
free entry: kN
impact coefficient: [1]

no traffic load
SLW 30
SLW 60
free entry: kN
impact coefficient: [1]
4. Foundation
Foundation construction type
without foundation plate
simple foundation plate
with concrete ring
with solid casing
5. Connection Piece
Diameter Wall thickness Position
1. connection mm mm mm
2. connection mm mm mm
3. connection mm mm mm
4. connection mm mm mm
Details on soil construction
Thickness of concrete foundation plate ( hb): mm
Diameter of concrete foundation plate: mm
Quality of concrete for foundation plate: [B25]
Height of concrete ring: mm
Concrete filling (hf): mm
In case of further questions please contact:

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