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Polyethylene ( PE6 3 , PE8 0 a n d PE1 0 0 ) a n d polypropylene are thermoplastics with excellent properties for the application of water and sewer, as well as for the fabrication of containers for liquids and solid materials. The environmental friendly polyethylene and polypropylene are resistant to many chemicals and very suitable for conveying and storing various liquids.
KRAH MISR pipes can be produced of the following thermoplastic materials:

- High density polyethylene (PE80 and PE100)
- Polypropylene-random (PP-R)
- Polypropylene-homo (PP-H)
- Polypropylene-none-flamable (PP-S) highstiff polypropylene can be used, if you are interested ask for futher information and data sheets.

Different types of pipes

Typical Material Specification
Property Standard Unit PE 80 PE 100 PR-R
Density DIN 53479
ISO 1183
g/ cm3 0.95 0.96 0.91
melt index
MFR 190 / 5
MFR 190 / 21.6
MFR 230 / 5
Code T
Code V
Code V
ISO 1133 g/ 10 min ca. 0.43
ca. 10
tensile modulus
long-time (50 years
ISO 178 N/mm2 1.000
yield stress DIN 53495 N/mm2 23 25 26
tensile strength DIN 53495 N/mm2 32 38 15
elongation at break ISO 2039 % > 600 > 600 > 50
ball indentation hardness ISO 2039 N/mm2 42 46 45
coefficient of linear
thermal expansion
DIN 53752 1/ ºC 1.8 x 10 -4 1.8 x 10 -4 1.6 x 10 -4
colour - - black/yellow black/yellow grey
Pipe Diameter KRAH MISR pipes can be produced with internal diameters (ID) from DN 300mm to DN 4000mm. The nominal diameters (DN) coincidents with the internal diameter (ID) of the pipe.

Pipe length The standard laying length (L) of the KRAH MISR pipes is six meters. In addition it is possible to produce continuously any length between one and six meters. Lengths up to 18m consisting of 3 pipe sections are common.

Wall thicknesses Both profiled and solid wall pipes with wall thicknesses up to 300mm can be produced. The quality of the pipe is highly depending on the quality of the waterway wall, therefore all KRAH MISR pipes are usually produced with a minimum waterway wall of 4mm.
Minimum wall thickness according to EN 13476 table 5
Normal pipe size DN/ID [mm] s1, by PE [mm] s1, by PP [mm]
300 2.0 2.0
400 2.5 2.5
500 2.5 3.0
600 3.3 3.5
800 4.5 4.5
1000 5.0 5.0
> 1200 5.0 5.0

Profiled - Wall Pipe A profiled pipe has a very low weight, but at the same time can be used for high load applications. less material is needed to produce a pipe with the same statical properties than a solid wall pipe, which means significant savings in material costs. The supportable static load is determined for every profile geometry by the factors elastic modulus (N/mm2) of the respective material and the moment of inertia of the profile geometry [mm4/mm] referring to the pipe diameter. The result is called ring stiffness. By using a profile design pipe, the weight can be reduced up to 65% compared to a solid wall pipe with the same ring stiffness. KRAH MISR pipes offer the best security and durability.

Internal Pressure The KRAH MISR pipe sewage System can withstand low working pressure up to 3 bar. And for pressure pipes, The working pressure up to 16 bar, depending on the thickness of the waterway wall (s1). Equivalent to DIN 8074 the hoop stress formula can be used with s1 as the minimum wall thickness.

Co-extrusion If requested all pipes can be delivered either with a bright, inspection friendly or an electro-conductive inner surface made by the co-extrusion process.

Norms and standards The KRAH MISR pipe corresponds to the following international standards:

Subject Standard
Pipe DIN 16961,
EN 13476-1
or on request
ASTM F 894
NBR 7373
JIS K 6780
Statical dimensions ATV A 127
ISO 9969
Hydraulic dimensioning ATV A110
Pipe installations EN 1610
Welding DVS 2207
Internal standard KWS

a=profile distance [mm]
s1=waterway thickness [mm]
s4=coating thickness [mm]
h=profile height [mm]

Bending of KRAH MISR pipes R/D=30

KRAH MISR pipes installed in a very narrow trench

Storage of KRAH MISR Pipes

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